“Memoir” comes in at number 3 on my list, but the topic of this song is the number one greatest thing ever. It’s about Jesus rescuing us from our sin. Aaron Stone sings this as it’s his own testimony, which it is, but it is also the testimony of all the redeemed. We were helpless in our sin, but Jesus, the Son of God, lived a perfect life and then died in our place. The wrath of God toward our sin was laid on him. Then three days after he died, God raised him from the dead to show that sin and death were defeated (“Hell was silenced as you stepped out from your grave”). What’s a person to do, you ask? Repent and believe the Gospel, the good news. Then you can sing with Aaron Stone, “Hell go on and rage, whatever you may say my God, He speaks for me and I’ll not be ashamed.” Praise The Lord!