16 Favorite Songs of 2016: #7 “This Deep” – Postiljonen


Mia Boe’s vocals + trap beat + “woo’s” + chill guitar and synths = winning combination. This song makes me want to sit back and not do a thing. I should probably not jam this one at work. Postiljonen had another song in my top 16, check it out and read more about the band, if you haven’t already.

16 Favorite Songs of 2016: #14 “Blood Flow” – Postiljonen

I stumbled upon Postiljonen’s music almost two years ago. I checked out a few of their songs on Youtube and then immediately purchased their blissful debut album, Skyer. After enjoying that album for several months, I was stoked at the announcement that they were releasing a new album in early 2016. Upon hearing Reverie the first time it was obvious that my anticipation was warranted. It was chock full of more of that synthy goodness that I loved on Skyer. While Reverie didn’t have any songs quite as gorgeous as “Atlantis”, it did end up being the more enjoyable album overall.

One of the many standouts on Reverie is “Blood Flow”. Mia Boe’s vocals and the icey synths are always highlights in any Postiljonen song, but the lyrics are also quite excellent on this one as Boe fights to get past the “darkness” that she fears in her significant other. Her vocal inflections and breathiness make you feel her pain even without her singing things like “It just feels like giving up”, “like the stars won’t shine”, “all is dark”, and “down, down, down we go”. Go ahead and click play and enjoy the soundtrack of feeling better about your own relationship.


Gimme Five! (November 2015 Edition)

Here’s five songs that I want you to love as much as I do this month:

1. “Lord of All” – Young Oceans

This is one of my favorites from the self-titled debut album by the best praise band I’ve ever heard. If beautiful, atmospheric, worship music is something you might like, you need to hear this band.

2. “In The Woodshop” – Falling Up

This comes from the upcoming final album by my favorite band of recent years, Falling Up. This is an odd selection for this list as I’ve only actually listened to this song one time (I don’t like to play out a single before hearing the album), but it’s one that’s going to be playing consistently when the album comes out (along with every other song on it). I’m just so excited for this album that I had to include this song.

3. “Down Side Of Me” – Chvrches

The recently released sophomore Chvrches album, Every Open Eye, is my favorite album so far in 2015, and this R&B-tinged synth jam is my favorite track.

4. “Atlantis” – Postiljonen

Postiljonen has released two new singles this year, so hopefully there’s a new album on the way. “Atlantis”, however, comes from their 2013 debut album, Skyer. “Midnight City”-esque song + Female vocals = You know you want to hit play.

5. “Eyeshadow” – No Devotion

No Devotion features several former members of lostprophets along with one of my favorite frontmen, Geoff Rickly of Thursday. This is one of the more post-punk sounding tracks on their diverse, yet consistent, debut album, Permanence. If you like The Cure, New Order, or any of the other dark and mysterious 80’s band types, you’ll want to hear this great track.