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Eric McClanahan – This site was started by me as an outlet for myself and others to gush about music we like, books we’re reading, and also to discuss spiritual matters. I love Jesus and desire to live how he wants me to. I’m fascinated by the tension of being in, but not of the world. I love to read The Bible, Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, Ray Ortlund, John Piper, plus true crime and psychology books. I love to listen to Falling Up, Mae, Young Oceans, and Starflyer 59. I love to watch true crime and mystery documentaries and to people-watch on Twitter. I’m not a very talented writer, but I like to write in order to express my thankfulness to God for the beautiful art that points me to Him and helps me to understand and love those who need Him. I live in Lexington, KY with my wife and two kids. I work a “real job” and do this for fun. Thanks for reading!

Contact: Ineverglow@hotmail.com


David MartinDavid is a longtime music writer from California. He lets me post his extremely detailed and incredible writings here.

Friends of Ineverglow:

(Artists who’ve contributed or done interviews with us.)

Seth Davey of Attalus & Fiction Forest Books 

Weaver At The Loom

K. Gautier

Young Oceans

Seaside Holiday


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