I’m just gonna come right out and say it: “Wake the Dead” is one of the greatest hardcore songs ever written. It’s everything that a hardcore song should be: heavy, aggressive, inspiring, catchy. If someone were to ask me where to start when looking to get into hardcore music, I’d point them here. After all, this is kinda where it started for me. At the time Wake the Dead came out, I was buying up anything that was even close to considered part of the booming Christian hardcore/metal scene. Up until this point though, I had only come across what is known as metalcore. Wake the Dead would be the first real hardcore I dove in to. My enjoyment of this lead me down the rabbit hole towards finding my favorite brand of hardcore, the Life in Your Way brand of melodic hardcore. Even still, “Wake the Dead” would be the first song on the “00’s Hardcore 101” playlist. Now get to studying.