I love 80s inspired synth-pop and Starflyer 59, so this song didn’t really stand a chance of not winning my heart. Jason Martin, of Starflyer 59 fame, adds a tasty guitar lick to an already smooth jam that sounds like a number one hit in alternative universe where synth-pop is ruling the airwaves for the first time. The New Division plus Starflyer 59 combo comes out sounding like a Head on the Door-era single by The Cure. “Take a drive in another ride while it’s raining” John Kunkel sings…give me more songs like this and I’ll drive on a night like this, in between days, six different ways while the baby screams with you close to me (<-Song titles from Head on the Door, in case I scared you for a minute). If you like your tunes a little dark, but with pop sensibilities, this might be your jam, too.