Collective Soul were one of my first favorite mainstream rock bands. I picked up one of their albums in my first big music club CD haul…and I listened to only the singles. I was probably still unsure of whether or not rock n roll actually was the devil’s music, so I didn’t want to venture to far into the unknown. Though not on that particular album, “Run” is among my favorite singles from this band that had a bunch of memorable ones.

I have no idea what the original meaning of the song is, but I often found myself thinking of Philippians 3:14 where Paul talks about “pressing toward the mark for the prize”, and Hebrews 12:1 that says to “throw off the weights that hinder us and run with perseverance the race before us.”

I know Collective Soul fit into that are they/aren’t they a Christian band thing for awhile, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that these scriptures may have had a hand in the thought process of the writing of this song.

Collective Soul are known for their great riffs, but I found them to be most intriguing when they turned the amps down a bit and ran quietly on their tippy-toes.