Michael W. Smith returns with his first pop single in fifteen years…ok, I don’t know if that’s actually true, I haven’t been the most dedicated MWS fan the last decade plus. I could go look it up, but I feel like anyone who cares to know how long it’s actually been would already know.

“A Million Lights” sounds exactly like what you would expect the “Friends” singer to put out in 2017. It’s got a bit of all the things that MWS does well: piano, nice melody, and an 80s tinge. Unfortunately, it also has lots of the modern CCM trends stuck in there as well, such as fitting nicely into that sweet spot where it can be played in worship services and be a radio hit. I won’t be surprised to find out that Chris Tomlin and his team with Ed Cash co-wrote this song…I should probably research these things, but sometimes it’s more fun to just write what initially comes to my mind and leave it.

Anyways, I actually am very interested in hearing the new album. I still enjoy Live The Life a lot. Michael W. Smith writes really good singles and album tracks when he’s in the zone, so I still have hope for this album to surpass my initial thoughts on this first single.