Northern Abbey is Nick Lambert, guitar player for the incredible Falling Up. I didn't say former guitar player of Falling Up because I still just can't seem to accept that the band is no more. Wishful thinking, I guess. Anyways, Jessy Ribordy, Falling Up's frontman, produced this gorgeous track, and I can also hear his unmistakable vocals in the background.

Northern Abbey has been around for a bit, releasing two good EPs a few years ago, but my goodness, I did not see this coming. "Glimpses" is my kinda jam. It's atmospheric, melodic, and captivating. It has a little more of an electro/synth-pop deal going on than the majority of Falling Up tracks. So, if you dig the M83 and Chvrches kinda thing, this is one you don't want to miss. Look for me to be writing about this song again when I count down my favorite songs of 2017, cause right now it's sitting pretty at #1.