Remember when you were in high school and you felt so deeply that almost every vaguely relatable song felt like it was written just for you and your teenage romance or heartbreak? I don’t come across as many songs these days that hit me in that ‘was this written just for me and my situation?’ zone. Sure, there are songs that I agree and relate with, but most are on topics that have been written about over and over and over again, so they don’t hit me quite as hard. Enter Jason Martin and Starflyer 59. 

One of the things I love about Jason Martin’s songs, other than the fact that he’s a great musician making incredible songs, is that he writes a lot about his battles with nostalgia. “Was it really better back then?” It’s a question he explores in “Numb” and a notion I’m often fighting against in my mind. There’s always these wonderful memories of times past that overshadow the hard times and distort our vision of what our younger days were really like. At least that’s what it’s like for me, and it seems that things are that way with Mr. Martin, as well. 

Jason seems to come to the conclusion that things weren’t really better in the past. It’s that we’ve become dull and numb as we’ve aged. So, maybe the fact that I don’t find as many songs to be ‘oh, so personal’ at the age of 34 is because I myself have become numb. If I would allow myself to feel deeply, I would also experience deeply. I experience deeply when I’m listening to this song regardless, and that’s why it’s my favorite song of 2016.