“I don’t really like describing my music as any genre. I like to leave that up to the listener. “, the artist know as Waterfront Dining tells me. His sound really could be described as partially fitting into many genres, but he comes away with a sound that is distinctly Waterfront Dining…unless, that is, you thought it was the original performer of the song. Waterfront Dining sample hunts and crate digs until finding a sample he likes, then he edits it, loops it, alters it, and mixes it to make it his own. What it usually comes out sounding like is something extremely nostalgic and relaxing. It acts almost as a time warp for me. It’s like I get to hear new 80s and 90s music, but in the latter 2010’s.

I asked Waterfront Dining what stands out to him about this track and he said “I love the synth sounds in this sample, and the atmosphere and lyrics. This track and album as a whole really marks a turning point in the way I began editing my songs as this album was one of the first where all of the edits were basically transparent.” And it’s true, Melodies & Mermaids was the first release of his where everything sounded perfectly pieced together to the point that you’d have no clue the music was the result of tinkering with old songs.

If you enjoy this song, check out Waterfront Dining’s extensive music catalogue. Go see how many songs you can find that sound like they should’ve been #1 hits in the 80s and early 90s, there’s lots and lots of them.