I stumbled upon Postiljonen’s music almost two years ago. I checked out a few of their songs on Youtube and then immediately purchased their blissful debut album, Skyer. After enjoying that album for several months, I was stoked at the announcement that they were releasing a new album in early 2016. Upon hearing Reverie the first time it was obvious that my anticipation was warranted. It was chock full of more of that synthy goodness that I loved on Skyer. While Reverie didn’t have any songs quite as gorgeous as “Atlantis”, it did end up being the more enjoyable album overall.

One of the many standouts on Reverie is “Blood Flow”. Mia Boe’s vocals and the icey synths are always highlights in any Postiljonen song, but the lyrics are also quite excellent on this one as Boe fights to get past the “darkness” that she fears in her significant other. Her vocal inflections and breathiness make you feel her pain even without her singing things like “It just feels like giving up”, “like the stars won’t shine”, “all is dark”, and “down, down, down we go”. Go ahead and click play and enjoy the soundtrack of feeling better about your own relationship.