The band now known as Rare Futures went by the name Happy Body Slow Brain up until their 2016 album, This Is Your Brain On Love. Their frontman, Matt Fazzi, is a former member of emo-ish heavyweights Taking Back Sunday. To be completely honest though, Taking Back Sunday were never anywhere near as enjoyable to me as Rare Futures are. This band somehow manages to sound like they are both from the past, with their smooth harmonies and 70’s prog tendencies, and from the future, with their electronic, atmospheric, tight playing.

Fazzi tells Ineverglow, “‘This Is Your Future’ is a self-help song I wrote to pull myself out of a depression I was going through relating to my struggles pursuing music. ‘This is Your Future’ deals with love as a burden – whether for a person, a dream or a one-man crusade to dismantle a government-led alien coverup – and the struggle between allowing isolation to overtake you and choosing love, no matter its weight.”

I, for one, hope Fazzi doesn’t get so discouraged that he completely withdraws and quits making music, as he is truly a gifted artist. His struggles are the reason I write about music on this site: I can’t stand the thought of another great band throwing in the towel because there is no monetary respect for their art. So, I do what I can to share with the world about the music that I love in hopes of it making its way into the ears of people who will become new fans. If the artist I’m writing about also wants to dig up some dirt on what the government knows about extraterrestrial life, well I’m cool with that, too.