Jimmy Eat World returned in 2016 with Integrity Blues, my favorite album of theirs since Chase This Light in 2007. The album is loaded with the catchy heart-on-sleeve power-pop songs that make me adore this band. It took me quite a while to finally decide on my favorite from the album, but eventually “It Matters” began to make itself known as the standout. It starts with a nostalgic piano-bass-drum beat that brings to mind something The Cure might have used on Wish. In true Jimmy Eat World fashion, the chorus is what really makes this song great. Singer Jim Adkins has a way of making heartache sound almost appealing when he puts such a beautiful melody over lyrics like “With a quiet face, I break, I shatter.”  In some ways it seems futile to write about a song like this. Trying to explain to someone what they should be appreciating about a Jimmy Eat World song is like trying to tell someone why they should like chocolate. Just taste it and you’ll know. It’s just good.