Canopy Climbers – Blindfold

It seems like Canopy Climbers can just crank out incredibly good electro-pop songs whenever they please. Their debut album from 2011, Distances, was full of such songs, as was Miles in 2013. One would think that a four song EP being released six months after a full-length meant these are probably tracks that were recorded for that album, but weren’t good enough to make the final cut. However, there’s no way that’s the case with this EP, considering these are some of the best songs of Canopy Climbers young existence.
The first track, “Blindfold”, starts off with pleasant electronic sounds and hand claps before getting beautiful, anthemic, and atmospheric, seemingly out of nowhere. The subject of the songs is weighty, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It seems to be about how we are blinded before God reveals himself to us and brings us to faith in Christ, with cries of “Did you change my name? I am not the same, I know”.
What comes next is my favorite song of 2014. “Secret” is an electro-pop song that has pieces of hip-hop, r&b, synth-pop, and maybe even a dab of Washed Out-inspired chillwave. “Secret” manages to integrate many different influences, but in a way that doesn’t distract from it being a simply great pop song about the potential hurt that can be caused by someone you love, or the hurt that you can inflict on those who love you.
“Pills” is a song that anyone who has battled with chemical imbalances can relate to. It’s refreshing to hear such an honest and blatant description of the struggle that comes from this tormenting condition, but with a killer bassline. Kudos are due for making such an emotionally heavy song so fun to listen to.
The final track, “Chance”, on first listen sounds like an upbeat, catchy tune with plans of inspiring the listener to take a leap of faith because “you just never know” what could happen. But upon closer inspection, this song seems to be more about the fact that what God wants to happen, will happen, regardless of what we do, so we might as well enjoy this life. Regardless of what the song is truly about, it’s always fun to be able to find a song relatable from multiple perspectives.
This EP is basically screaming, “Hey you, do you feel? Do you think? Do you sing? Do you dance? I know you do, and I’m gonna prove it.” And anyone who truly dives into these songs should have no choice but to react.
Album Score: 4.5/5 
“Blindfold” – 4/5
“Secret” – 5/5
“Pills” – 4/5
“Chance” – 3.5/5