New Soundz: It’s Friday and Rebecca Black’s New Song Is Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun.

We all remember Rebecca Black from the so bad, it’s good viral hit, “Friday”. Well, that was five years ago and these days Rebecca is charting on the Dance charts with a legit good song. Her voice is no longer nasally, it’s soulful. Her lyrics aren’t about having a bowl of cereal, they’re about heartbreak. No more goofball kids at a middle school party in the video. Rebecca has grown up and so has her art. While I’m not ready to crown her the future queen of pop or anything (this is the only song I’ve heard by her in 3+ years), there is obvious growth. I would unironically jam this song, which is much more than I can say about “Friday”.

You know you can’t resist, but to watch and listen to this hilarity again, though…

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