It’s probably not a stretch to call this the greatest christian hip-hop dis track of all-time. Shai Linne pulls no punches as he dismantles the prosperity gospel, calling out its leaders by name. 

Make sure you don’t get so distracted by the bluntness of the lyrics that you miss that great beat flowing underneath…Let’s be real though, the lyrics are the main attraction. Shai Linne declares that he must share this message at the risk of being called a pharisee, so he has no blood of his fans on his hands. Shai says TBN is “like a pyramid scheme” and that they treat Jesus “like a lottery ticket”. He takes a clever, not so subtle jab at Joel Osteen with the line, “If you’re liven’ your best life now, you’re headed for Hell.” Then after this, he goes ahead and spells it out, “Joel Osteen is a false teacher.””Who else? Who else?” Well, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Paula White, and several others get the “is a false teacher” treatment.

 I can’t help but admire Shai Linnie’s boldness here, knowing he’s likely to tick off plenty of potential fans (Joel Osteen alone has almost 5 million Twitter followers). The truth is not a popular thing most of the time, but Shai Linne Does. Not. Care. And for that, he’s made a fan out of me.